The often “OVERLOOKED” secret to shortcut your way to success


It was May 2013 when I took the leap of faith and started wholesaling properties.
Back then I had a high paying J.O.B…
But I couldn’t take it anymore. The entrepreneur in me just wanted to break free.
I told myself…
“Heck with it. Life is short, even if I am going to struggle for a bit, I am going to find a way and make it happen.”
That’s when I resigned from my job and got into business with one of my partners in Oklahoma city.
I coupled my marketing skills with his sales skills…
and sure enough, we struck a partnership and went down to business.
For the first couple of months, it was painful!
The emotional high…
The excitement of getting into business for myself…
and being my own boss faded away by the third month.
I couldn’t keep up with paying my bills, and reality started setting in.
“What the heck did I get myself into”, I thought to myself.
I had little savings at that time, but it was vanishing real quick.
I didn’t want to go back to a “9 to 5”, but i just couldn’t figure out how to make things work for me.
And that’s when I met my first mentor Joe McCall who helped us build all our systems.
It was finding someone who’s ALREADY successful at what we’re doing…
Who has the SYSTEMS to bring in leads and convert them into contracts…
Someone who went through ALL the trial and error and can hand it all to us on a silver platter….
That made us go from barely closing a deal per month to crossing the 100k mark in less than 9 months.
That’s when I learned that the FASTEST way to achieve my goals…
Is to find someone who has ALREADY achieved it and follow his footsteps.
And that’s why I’m offering you my step by step Craigslist marketing system…
So you can SKIP all the trial and error and start generating seller leads.
Save yourself the hassle and sign up for the FREE Craigslist marketing training:

P.S: here is an interview Joe did with me & my partner early on in 2014 when we achieved our 100k goal:
Its a great reminder of how far we’ve come. I’m so grateful!