This is what happened earlier today in the private Facebook group I have setup to help wholesalers & investors implement my Craigslist marketing system…



Would you like to start generating consistent flow of motivated seller leads?

When you sign up to my program, I’ll be showing you the exact process to:

– Target leads on Craigslist and filter out low quality leads
– Scrape the sellers information from craigslist (Manually or using two 3rd party softwares)
– Contact leads & qualify them (using google voice or
– Once you’ve dialed in the process, I’ll show you how to hire & train a VA to do it all the work for you

Its important to mention that this is not a silver bullet type of a thing.

You’ll need to be able to convert those leads into contracts. That’s something I won’t be teaching you. You need to ALREADY know how to do that on your own. If you don’t have that skill yet, my system won’t help you much.

If that’s something that you would benefit from, sign up below:

Once you sign up, I’ll add you to a private facebook group where I’ll walk you step by step through the process and answer all the questions you have.

You’ll get access to my private documented procedures and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions (we’ll also hop on a call to review your system once you have it all setup).

And here is my GUARANTEE: at anytime within the next 30 days, if you implement the WHOLE system and you didn’t generate at least 20 leads, and you can PROVE it by showing me screenshots of conversations with prospects, I’d be happy to refund your $19.95.

Get started by signing up below: