6 Craigslist Marketing Myths Causing You To Miss Out On Deals, Debunked! (Part 1/4)

Let’s face it.

Sending the same “yellow letters”, hanging the same ugly “WE BUY HOUSES” signs & buying the same lists is not working anymore.

And honestly, for most investors and wholesalers, their local markets seems to just get more & more crowded with competition.

Admit it. It’s fine.

Heck. Even more experienced investors with bigger budgets have a challenge standing out from the crowd and getting deals in today’s market.

I had the same problem when I first got started about 3 years ago.

In fact, on one particularly memorable trip, the “skeptical” 60-something-year-old lady whose house we were checking out in a hot zip code in Oklahoma City was seriously wary about doing business with us…

The reason?

“Look at all this spam mail..” showing us over a dozen of handwritten yellow letters (that all looked the same) she’d received in just a few weeks after putting out word that she was in the market to sell.

(We found her address on a direct mail list we had bought from one of the popular sites out there.)

“Are you just the same people sending letters under different names!?” she asked (with suspicion in her voice)…

Our answer was a vehement “NO”…

Nonetheless, that was still a tough day to establish trust as she had it in the back of her mind that we might be playing some tricks on her or something…

It felt uncomfortable and awkward. It’s an uphill battle when you’re working with a seller who has pre-conceived ill-informed notions about you.

The “Something’s Gotta Give” Revelation

Needless to say, we missed out on that deal.

It really sucked at the time. But in retrospect, I can look back and say it was a blessing in disguise.

Because missing out on that deal forced me to take a detailed look at my marketing methods and approach to contacting leads.

I had to ask myself questions like:

Did you really want to be considered ‘one of those spammy real estate people’ regardless of your best intentions?

Could it really be that direct mail, bandit signs and cold-calling are now out-dated and ineffective?

Is there any other marketing medium that could be leveraged to generate solid 10-15 motivated seller leads per day?

Then, one day, I read a post in the “Wholesaling Full Time” Facebook group  by a wholesaler who’s getting good results from Craigslist.

So I researched the topic & read a couple of blog posts…

Then, I started posting some ads, but with no measurable results. Peanuts.

That’s until I came across my first mentor, who taught me how to leverage Craigslist the RIGHT WAY to generate solid seller leads.

I’ll tell you more about this towards the end of this post…

But first, I want to tell you about the…

The Old-Age Secret To Closing More Deals

As you may very well know, to consistently get properties under contract you need to master two things: Getting Leads & Closing Deals.

And as with any worthwhile endeavour, your journey to real estate success begins with ONE step.

So let’s attack this logically and begin with the subject of generating leads…

Specifically, generating highly-qualified motivated seller leads online using just Craigslist, for FREE.

Gain Your Unfair Advantage & Exploit The Gap

You see, in the past 3 years, I’ve honed and fine-tuned a Craigslist lead generation approach that’s responsible for bring in over 5,000 leads between myself, my clients & students…

Analyzing the data, I found that LESS THAN 10% of my Craigslist leads came from posting typical Craigslist ads…

Yes. You read that right.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Especially if you’ve been posting ads yourself because you know first hand its a waste of time.

Out of the total 5,000+ leads generated in the last 3 years of implementing this system, less than 500 of them came from posting Craigslist ads.

So you might ask, “how did you generate that other 90% or 4,500+ leads using the same Craigslist platform?”

Well, that’s a process I’ll break down for you in Wednesday’s post so you can implement it in your business by the end of this week.

Best of all is the fact that it’s free and so easy even a 19-year-old could use it…


A little bit later, I’ll share with you how a 19 years old kid in Arizona got his first deal from Craigslist.

Before that though, let’s get rid of the  Craigslist marketing myths, misinformation and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from making deals today…

6 Craigslist Marketing Myths Gurus Want You To Believe To Buy Their Expensive Programs

Myth #1 – Posting Ads Is The Way To Get Sellers Off of Craigslist

I recently ran a survey research of 260+ investors & wholesalers to learn about their biggest challenges when it comes to finding  sellers leads on Craigslist…

What I found was shocking!

It appears about 88% of investors and wholesalers who’ve tried their hands at generating seller leads from Craigslist by posting ads already have their hands up in the air in frustration…

  • They’re posting CL ads and find that that generate more responses from other REI and wholesalers than from ACTUAL motivated sellers
  • The few seller responses they do get from the ads usually turn out to be a bunch of tire kickers who waste their time
  • Their ads never see the “day of light” because they’re getting ghosted & flagged
  • If they do find one serious lead, it’s usually too late as the seller is already tied in contract with another guy who was lucky to get there first…

So they ditch Craigslist because allegedly “it’s so difficult to get leads off there”,

And naturally they revert to the old traditional marketing methods – like direct mail, junk email blasts and cold calling – that may have worked in the past, but absolutely fall flat in today’s market.

I can’t blame them.

They’ve probably followed some Guru’s advice who has never actually made good money in real estate other than teaching others how to make money in real estate (sad, but true!)

Myth #2 – I Need Some Software So I Can Post More Ads

If you follow this train of thought, hell will have to freeze over before you ever get one deal off Craigslist.

It’s extremely inaccurate and an unrealistic expectation to expect to receive a decent response off a Craigslist ad (even if you post tens of them)…

And that’s psychology and economics talking;

Value holds attention. But value is diminished by over-supply & ‘common-ness’.

With hundreds of other investors and wholesalers posting daily “WE BUY HOUSES” ads on Craigslist, no matter how hard you try to grab attention, it’s insignificant..

It’s like pouring water into the ocean…

Because psychology dictates that the user’s mind has already assessed the ad to be non-valuable subconsciously – a.k.a. BANNER BLINDNESS

Posting your AMAZING Ad won’t change this.

You need to do something different. And that certainly does not entail trying to concoct some crazy hypnotic ad for Craigslist. It’s the wrong approach.

Myth #3 – Doing Craigslist Marketing Mean You Have To Cold Call

I never cold call. In fact, I prefer to weed out the tire kickers and then use an often overlooked medium to soft-qualify before I ever get on the phone with a seller.

The real metric you should be looking at is the number of voluntary, self-qualified responses you generate per day.

The most important thing you should be doing is generating leads daily and eliciting response from sellers in a totally smooth manner that’s qualifies the lead BEFORE getting on the phone with them.

If you’re cold calling, you’re putting yourself through unnecessary pain and rejection.

Ever got the proverbial “you’re the 5th person to call us today, Stop calling us.” ?

Stop it and look out for my posts Wednesday & Friday where you’ll learn how to contact and qualify leads the RIGHT WAY in less than 15 minutes without ever getting rejected again!

[Insert Optin]

Myth #4 – It’s Hard To Find Sellers On Craigslist

Data shows over 40 million new classified ads are published on Craiglist every month (Source: Statistic Brain) with the housing section being one of the biggest categories.

If you go to ANY city and look up the real estate section (For sale by owner or Rental), I’m willing to bet $100 that you can find over 100 listings on the first three pages alone (real ads by real sellers, not other wholesalers)

(I’m serious, send me an email to yassin[at]craigslistcodecracked[dot]com if you can’t find at least 100 listings and I’ll pay you $100)

Myth #5 – I Can’t Find Good Deals on Craigslist

Sellers don’t come to Craigslist to pass time or hang out with their friends. They’re there to make one thing happen, and that is sell their house and move on with their life!

This means every seller on Craigslist is prime and ready to make a deal.

If you give them what they’re looking for at the right time & solve their problem, you have a deal. It’s that simple.

I’ve personally done over 20 in a MIDWEST market (Oklahoma City) – Flips, Lease Options, Owner Finance etc.. you name it I’ve done it, my partners have done it, my students have done it and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Just follow the system I’ll be outlining over the next week and take MASSIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION.

Here is just a sample of deals I’ve personally closed

[Insert Carousel of 3 deals]

Even a 19 years old can get deals from Craigslist

[insert audio snippet of his age & where he say he had his first deal]

Myth #6 – I Don’t Have Enough Time To Do Craigslist Marketing

Okay. This one is sorta legit.

Because anything slow & manual is really unfit for the 21st century real estate pro who’s market is so fast-paced they miss out on deals if they get to the seller too late..

But how do you automate Craigslist marketing and still beat the constant algorithm updates that render software solution – which you spent hundreds to thousands of dollars for – useless after just a few weeks or months?

To address this issue I’ll put it on my calendar to do a bonus post on Saturday that goes into how this entire thing works and how you can automate it without expensive software.

The whole enchilada. No holds barred.


The bottomline is

  • If you’re still posting ads on Craigslist, you’re doing it wrong. Research shows 88% of real estate investors & wholesalers are not getting deals from Craigslist by posting ads.
  • If you’re still cold-calling, direct mailing or hanging bandit signs you’re spending too much time and effort in return for mediocre response at best.
  • Craigslist is a highly potent lead source for any type of deal you might be looking for (as you heard, even a 19 years old can get deals on Craigslist).

You cannot ignore this massive lead source, rather devote the time over the next few days of this series to learn how to master it…

If you’d like to learn how I generate 10-15 motivated seller leads per day off Craigslist stop by on Wednesday and I’ll reveal to you:

  • My proven 2-step for finding motivated sellers on Craigslist without posting ads, getting junk from other REI & wholesalers…
  • You’ll also learn how to eliminate all tire kickers from your list so you can spend time on the most important activity: TALKING TO SELLERS & CLOSE DEALS.
  • No cold calling involved; I’m sure that make you glad, because like you personally I hated having to cold-call people too 😉

See you Wednesday

– Yassin “Never Cold-Calls A Lead” Shaar

P.S: About how I met my mentor and discovered Craigslist…

When I first got started wholesaling properties & investing in real Estate…

I struggled to close deals, because I was running my business entirely online while traveling & I have a weird accent that made sellers suspicious (they thought I was some kind of a scam artist).

That forced me to stay behind the scenes and partner with local wholesalers to close deals.

The only way I was able to bring value to the table was by handling the marketing & generating leads.

Mastering the marketing process & generating leads was ‘’not an option” for me. It became the ONLY way I could put food on the table and provide for my family.

At first, I was doing the type of marketing that everyone was doing, the stuff I learned from training programs & blogs.

I didn’t know better. It seemed like the best way to go about it at that time.

I dabbled a little bit here and there…

Send 100-150 mailers to absentee owners for a week…

Then put a dozen or two bandit signs the other week…

Even do cold calls when I was all out of money, because my campaigns didn’t bring in a lot of good leads.

Then, one day, I read a post in an FB group by a wholesaler who’s getting good results from Craigslist.

So I researched the topic & read a couple of blog posts…

Then, I started posting some ads, sending out SMS & emails to sellers, but with no measurable results. Peanuts (as I explained above).

That’s until I came across my first mentor, who taught me how to leverage Craigslist the RIGHT WAY to generate solid seller leads.

I built a marketing system that consistently filled my pipeline…

Then, I hired a VA to handle it all for me. That was about 3 years ago.

Since then, I’ve been constantly optimizing my system for higher response and improving my processes.

I used to struggle to generate a dozen good leads a month, but today, I get at least 5 qualified motivated seller leads PER DAY off of good ol’ Craigslist.

Instead of wasting my time doing the leg work, I now have VAs (Virtual Assistants) who go in every day like clockwork to generate seller leads for me (without any micro-managing).

I never have to worry about where my next seller lead is going to come from.

More on how you can too generate 10-15 seller leads every day from Craigslist on Wednesday.

You’ll love it, and I’m sure you’ll pick up a lesson or two.